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Not approved by Hollywood

Even at this stage of the project, I run into this question repeatedly:  Why?

The answer is:  Because.

Okay… so it’s a *little* more complicated than that, but… not a whole lot.

Years before iTunes ever appeared, I suggested that it would be a goldmine to offer music for sale online for 50 or 75 cents a song.  It was just a random idea I had; something I mentioned to a couple friends as we talked about the high price of CDs and the awful signal-to-noise ratio on the discs we bought.

I thought about a virtual world a decade before Second Life appeared.  I’ve had so *many* ideas that were just… “ideas”… and nothing more–only to see them become corporate entities later on.

I’m not naive.  I never could have gotten an online music store or a virtual world up and running.  I had nothing more than an idea.  Reality requires more than that.

I’ll be perfectly honest:  It’s been years since I’ve read a new novel.  It’s been a lot longer since I’ve *enjoyed* one.  In my college years, I used to sit down on the weekends and devour an entire novel in a day.    Dune may have taken a whole weekend, but that was a rarity (even if I’d already read it a couple times before).  SciFi was about stories–about looking at ourselves in the mirror and seeing reality, not the fantasy we’ve painted on ourselves.  Science fiction–speculative fiction–was something that made you think!

Now… it’s “Sharktopus”.   If someone could hook up an alternator to the graves of Asimov, Heinlein, and Clarke, we could power the eastern seaboard.  I suspect that Kenneth Robeson and Edgar Rice Burroughs are laughing at the inanity of modern science fiction–and they wrote pulp trash that treated the laws of physics like a mild suggestion.   But Doc Savage and John Carter were–and still are–characters that stand out because of the *stories*.

Go to any site dealing with SF or fantasy, and you’ll find fans clamoring for better ideas, better characters, and more believable stories.   Real fans don’t care about effects or explosions; they want something they can sink their teeth into.  But Hollywood is only after the big bucks. They want to  appeal to the lowest common denominator, so they can reap the largest profit.   It’s all about the bottom line.

So what are we, real SF fans, to do?  Just sit back and hope that another Joss Whedon will come along and *somehow* convince the Powers That Be to actually let him tell a real story?   Good luck with that.

The Trilobyte Project faces an uphill battle. There’s no question of that.  The only question is whether fans are willing to put a little bit of effort into getting a better product, or  if they’re willing to just sit back and hope that someone will spoon-feed them ambrosia.

Why?  Because I want something better.   Because I know that there is something better.  Because I know that we, as a community, can produce entertainment–across the media spectrum–that will knock the socks off the crap that Hollywood chooses to feed us.  And… because I believe that we can make this profitable and sustainable.

Why?  Because I believe.

‘Nuff said.

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