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DS9 S1xE13

It doesn't end here. What next?

I’ve been re-watching Deep Space 9.  It’s arguably the best series of the (post-1960s) Star Trek franchise, and definitely my favorite.

This evening, I watched the episode “Battle Lines“.  As with many of the first-season episodes, it’s a bit simplistic.  It’s an obvious morality play about the nature of war.  However… there’s something deeper.  The premise of the episode is that there’s a moon where people can’t die–it’s a punishment for two ancient warring tribes.  A key point is the fact that the Kai Opaka is trapped on the moon because she, too, has died.  And this has been prophesied.

The unspoken implication is that the Kai finds a way to bring peace to the long-warring tribes.  And… being Star Trek, we all know that’s exactly what happened.    But… what then?

Think about it.  Here’s a place where immortality requires only 2 things: 1) that you die and 2) that you never leave.  With the end of the tribal warefare, the moon can become the ultimate monastery.  Imagine…. A place where the greatest minds–scientists, artists, priests, philosophers–could go to live forever.  The could choose the time of their dying.  They could create the greatest enclave of  knowledge in the  galaxy.

Where’s that story?

One of the things an open-source universe allows–even encourages–is for stories like these to be told.  They may not be as exciting or flashy, but they are stories worth telling.  The stuff that makes it into shows is just the tip of the iceberg.  Those of use who appreciate stories that are deeper and less exciting, however, these extended stories are like a fine scotch… something to savour and appreciate on a quite night.

The extended universe can be amazing.  The stories that make up the greater universe–stories written by a thousand voices–are what drive us, what draws us  in deeper, what makes us think and imagine.

And… of course… there’s all that slash-fic.  😉

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