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Vector smExterior, picnic table (or jury-rigged version) at a construction site. JOSH is at the table, pulling out a simple sandwich and soda from a C-store. SAMUEL approaches and sits.

JOSHUA: Hey, Bug. I saved you a seat at the finest table in the establishment.

SAMUEL: With a lovely view of the slurry pile.

JOSHUA: At night it’s bathed in the gentle glow of acetylene torches and arc welders. Very romantic.

SAMUEL: And me without any flowers.

JOSHUA: Hey… as long as you remembered the condoms. Place like this, you’re guaranteed to score.

SAMUEL: Cindy might have something to say about that.

JOSHUA: Hmm… True. So… What are you doing here today? I thought didn’t start until Thursday.

SAMUEL: I finished on the 4th Street job, so they pulled me over here early to do some QA. Bunch of rookies on this one, and they want another set of eyes to check their work.

JOSHUA: Looks at his sandwich, then at SAMUEL’s lunch What the fuck, man? I’m sitting here eating a Kwick-Mart “paste and gristle sandwich”, and you show up with… what the hell IS that?

SAMUEL: Cuban-style grilled chicken wrap with garden-fresh veggies, black beans, and guac. A romaine salad with cinnamon eggs, shredded grana padano and black olives from Fraboni’s and a light vinigrette dressing, and some home-squeezed lemonade to wash it down. Cindy’s got the week off, and you know how she loves to play in the kitchen when she’s got the time.

JOSHUA: That’s it. We’re no longer friends.

SAMUEL takes a bite of the wrap in an overly-dramatic way, his face showing just how delicious it is.

JOSHUA: You really are an ass. Laughs So… you made up your mind yet?

SAMUEL: The Chicago thing? Not yet. I’m gonna go listen to the pitch. Not sure if I’m really up for something this big.

JOSHUA: C’mon, man. It’ll be like a super hero team.

SAMUEL: Yeah right. Welder Man and Drywall Boy! Saving the world one stud wall at a time! But this thing..? I mean… some sort of special police force? Ya gotta admit, that’s a bit… weird. And… we’re not trained for that kinda shit.

JOSHUA: Yeah… wouldn’t want “weird with a huge salary” when we can spend our days with Bubba and Gretchen, slogging sheet rock and … holds up his sandwich eating paste and gristle sandwiches from the Kwik-Mart.

SAMUEL: Well… Looks at his food I’ve got Cuban chicken, Italian olives, and a fancy TIG welder.

JOSHUA: Did I mention “fuck you”?

SAMUEL: I seem to remember it coming up in the subtext of the conversation. Somewhere before the hors d’ oeuvres, if I recall.

JOSHUA: Just checking.

SAMUEL: But… yeah. It’s piqued my interest enough that I’ll go listen to what this Walker guy has to say. And… I gotta admit: That salary does sound damn sweet.

JOSHUA: No shit.

SAMUEL: I’m just wondering what we need to do to earn it.

JOSHUA: Looking serious Yeah.

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