The Rules

Oct 27th, 2010 | By | Category: The 'Verse

While the field is wide open on what can happen in the worlds we create, there must be some rules to keep the stories from becoming the abominations we’ve had to deal with so many times.

Primary Rules

  1. Dead is dead
  2. Nobody is immune to death
  3. There will be no retcons
  4. There will be no omnipotent characters
  5. Everyone is bound by the laws of physics, biology, and chemistry[1]
  6. Nothing will be “Earth-shattering”, “world-ending”, “cataclysmic”, or “apocalyptic”.[2]
  7. The god’s machine is broken–and it will stay that way.
  8. There is only one reality
  9. Time travel is impossible

Secondary Rules

The Rule of Three

  1. No one will be important to the story without being seen at least 3 times prior
  2. No one of importance to the story will die without being seen at least 3 times prior
  3. No major plot points will be introduced without at least 3 episodes of lead-up

[1] Fantasy worlds are excempt.
[2] Unless it’s a core concept of the story

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  1. Eddie Reed says:

    I can live with these. These rules definitely keep the story from wandering through countless continuums and other ridiculousities.

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