The Goal

Dec 22nd, 2010 | By | Category: Site News

While there are bits and pieces  of the goal of the Trilobyte Project that have been mentioned throughout the site, there isn’t a place that paints a picture of what we hope the project will look like when it’s running at full steam.

The site

The site will, of course grow exponensionally–both in size and scope.  Not only will it maintain this blog and project files, as well as the forums–an absolutely vital aspect of the site–but also galleries, video repositories, special members sections, a wiki, a store, and all the other things that fans demand.

The Shows

With good teams writing, creating, and producing shows–and a host of solid fans keeping us on track and on our toes–we should be able to maintain 10 to 12 separate shows.  With seasons planned at 12 episodes (one per month) that’s a new episode about every 3 days.  That should be  enough for any fan.

The Worlds

The point of this entire  project is to open up the worlds to everyone.  There should be ten thousand little projects going on at any time; stories, novels, paintings, fan films, and–if we’re lucky–a collection of dirty limericks.

The Rest

If you think it ends there, you’re mistaken.   There will be t-shirts,  posters, action figures, costumes, games, models, and lunch boxes.  Oh yes… there will be lunch boxes!

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