The Corporate Mindset

Dec 19th, 2010 | By | Category: Commentary, Ramblings

SyFy announced this week that Stargate: Universe is cancelled after this season is over.  While I have a number of criticisms about the show, it’s still one of the better science fiction shows on TV–and it’s just starting to find it’s feet.

As with many of the well-written science fiction shows, SG:U fell victim to the numbers game.  Outdated ratings methods and corporate bean counters combined to kill off the show.  The feedback from fans is quite vocal… but ultimately useless.   Corporations think about the bottom line.  When it comes to science fiction on TV, the bottom line is rarely good.  Why? Because the suits are looking at numbers of viewers and plunking that into their advertising rate sheets.   They don’t understand that the show is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here, we understand the long tail.  We understand that in the SF genre, the show is a loss leader:  The money comes later on.

Where a million viewers is seen as horrible ratings for a TV show, for us, that would be a booming success–and a profitable one, at that.

All of this, of course, requires that we’re able to take this project far enough to make it into production.  That depends on people like you.  If you love good science fiction and fantasy, if you want to see quality programming available from pe0ple who understand geeks, if you want an actual voice in what happens to the shows and the productions, please… join up and help out.

We’re not asking for your money.  We’re asking you to speak your mind, share your ideas, and help us show the corporate suits that they’re stuck in the past.  WE are the future of entertainment!

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