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Like this--but online

I’ve had a few people ask me if they could tell others about the Trilobyte Project.   My reaction is generally in a quantum state between laughter and confusion. 🙂

YES!  Tell people about the project!  Spread the word!
(I’m almost tempted to put that in blink tags–almost)

We need voices.  Lots and lots of  voices.  We need people to contribute new material, to comment on existing material, and to be nit-pickers who can let us know when we screw up continuity or break the internal rules of a universe.

We even need people to just say “Yeah, I like that” or “No, I don’t like that”.

Tell your friends about the project, tell your enemies, tell the people you hang out with online.  Tell your gaming group and your SCA group, and… yes… even the LARPers from that other dorm.

To make this project go anywhere, we need to reach critical mass with contributors and readers.  So… bring ’em on!

If they ask why they should join in, or what they can do, point them here: http://trilobytestudios.com/help/

The best way to make things happen is by spreading the word.


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