Jan 3rd, 2011 | By | Category: Commentary, Media, Site News

I don’t make promises unless I know I can keep them–which means I rarely make promises.

That being said…  I make this promise to you:

  • All media produced by Trilobyte Studios will (as much as possible) be released in cross-platform and/or platform-agnostic formats.
  • No media will be released in a format that isn’t accessible via the primary and secondary FOSS platforms.
  • We will involve ourselves in the community and do our part to promote the development and implementation of free (beer+speech)  platform-agnostic standards for media  viewing.
  • And… if (through your participation and support) we manage to become a media powerhouse, we promise to throw our weight around and intimidate anyone we can in order to promote media standards (and resulting applications) that are easily, openly, and freely accessible to everyone.

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