Post-Tryphophan Update

Nov 28th, 2010 | By | Category: Gemini Colony

Another random sketch

Well, I’ve finally slipped out of my turkey-induced coma[1] and I’m back on the job.

I spent last night doing some grass-roots marketing (and picking up a potential new linguistics consultant and all-around contributor), and this morning I’ve been going over the plot updates other writers have been contributing.  The script for the pilot episode of Gemini Colony is officially started!  First drafts of 3 scenes have been written, and another is in progress.

Several new characters have been created (not all of them are available in the main forums yet; I haven’t gotten scenes written for them), and the major arcs are starting to flesh out.  I know it seems like it’s going slow, but given the current resources (we’re doing this in our spare time), we’re coming along quite well.  Most of what we’ve been doing has been making sure our foundations are solid, so it doesn’t look like much is happening.  World-building isn’t always fast-paced and sexy.  Sometimes you have to shovel dirt and wait for concrete to set.  🙂

Expect things to pick up pace in the next month (and then stall during the Christmas holidays).  Though, as always, the more people that get involved, the faster things will progress.  So (yes, I’m begging again) please jump into the forums if you haven’t already, and (as always) tell your friends about us.

[1] For those of you outside the USA, this weekend was our Thanksgiving holiday.

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