Genn Tau

Act I

Scene 1

Interior, bar. Younger place; goths, punkers, and “regular” people mixing. Slow night. Meg walks in and takes a seat at the bar.

Bartender: Hey. What can I get you?

Meg: Jack & Coke.

Bubba: {Sits down next to her; he’s already drunk—not sloppily so, but definitely drunk} That’s a pretty strong drink for a little girl like you.

Meg: {looks at his can of light beer} That’s a pretty sissy drink for a… oh.. nevermind. It suits you.

Bubba: Hey.. I’m just trying to be friendly.

Meg: Yeah. Too friendly. I’m not interested, okay. I’m just here to have a drink and relax.

Bubba: Aww.. C’mon. A hot babe like you shouldn’t be sittin’ here all alone.

Meg: I’m not alone. I’ve got Jack to keep me company. {sips her drink}

Bubba: Hey… Jack ain’t got what I got.

Meg: Smegma?

Bubba: Huh?

Meg: Look. I’m not interested. Piss off before I do something I regret.

Bubba: Oh… you won’t regret it, babe. You’ll love every minute of it.

Meg: {looks a the guy, gets a “look” on her face—hint of devious smile, maybe. Bubba’s beer can explodes, spraying all over him} Hmm.. you’re right. I did enjoy that.

Bubba: You fucking bitch! What the fuck did you do??

Galahad: {comes from across the bar and confronts Bubba} Hey. Just cool down, okay? I’ll get you another beer, just take it over there and leave the lady alone.

Bubba: Just who the fuck do you think you are?

Galahad: I’m the guy who’s trying to keep you from getting into serious trouble.

Bubba: You want trouble, I’ll give you some serious trouble.

Bar fight. Galahad loses.

Bubba: {Hyped on adrenaline, grabs Meg} Now, bitch, you’re gonna get yours.

Meg: {knees him in the groin; whispers in his ear} Did you know that the human heart is just like a beer can? {her eyes sparkle/flash green; Bubba gets a look of complete surprise on his face, then falls over to the floor. No indication if he’s still
alive. Meg exits the bar.}

Nicholas: {Sitting off in a corner of the bar away from the action; pulls out cell phone and hits a speed-dial} Hey. I found one. {pause} Yeah. Young, strong. {pause} Yeah. I’ve got her tagged—as long as she doesn’t discover it.{pause} I understand. {hangs up; Camera pans around to reveal his hand in his lap (hidden from view), a coin with a green glow hovers, spinning above his hand, he’s obviously playing with it (like someone who “walks” a coin between their fingers}.

Scene 2

Interior, fancy mansion or penthouse. Décor is rich, but tasteful. A middle-aged man (Johnathan) is tending to some work. Enter Nicholas.

Johnathan: Ah, Nicholas. Thank you for coming on such short notice. Allison says you’ve found a rogue.

Nicholas: Yes. A young woman, fairly strong, but not very disciplined.

Johnathan: Please, have a seat. Would you care for a drink?

Nicholas: No, thank you.

Johnathan: {pours himself a glass of scotch, drops in an ice cube that came from nowhere}. Any indication which clan she may have been from?

Nicholas: None. I couldn’t even tell what Circle. But I can tell you this: she’s leaking power like a sieve.

Johnathan: Really?

Nicholas: Yes. It’s strange. I’ve seen it before, but… not like this. It’s not uncommon for neophytes to unconsciously use the power; it comes from their eyes when they look at something, their hands when they reach for something. But not this one. It rises off her her like… steam.

Johnathan: You’ve got her tagged?

Nicholas: Yes. I plan on getting her tonight; no witnesses.

Johnathan: Leave her for now. If she’s unusual as you say, it may be worth studying her for a while first. I’ll send Fisher. She has experience with surveillance. We have another job for you. In Memphis. {pulls an envelope off the table} The details.

Nicholas: {takes the envelope, gets up and walks to the door}

Johnathan: Oh. Nicholas. That man at the bar? Did he live?

Nicholas: Yes. Barely. {exit}

Scene 3

Interior, small conference room or study. The Trinity is sitting as Johnathan enters

Johnathan: Sirs. Ma’am.

Richard: Come in Johnathan. Come in. What news?

Johnathan: We’ve discovered another. Nicholas found her downtown.

Benjamin: Is he with her now?

Johnathan: No, sir. He’s been sent to Memphis to handle an internal problem. Fisher is keeping an eye on the woman.

Richard: Thank you, Johnathan. That will be all.

{exit Johnathan}

Benjamin: That’s 5 in the last 7 months.

Richard: We don’t have confirmation, yet.

Benjamin: Come off it, Richard. We both know what we’ll find.

Richard: She’s a Natural.

Benjamin. She’s a Natural. Never before has there been more than 2 in a century, and now we have 5 of them walking around at the same time. We all know what this means.

Richard: The Prophecy?

Benjamin: The Tibetan Prophesy.

Richard: You’re grasping at straws. It’s difficult enough to predict 5 minutes ahead with any sort of clarity. 5 centuries is impossible. But you are correct about one thing: 5 Naturals is unheard of.

Katherine: The question, gentlemen, is what are we going to do about it?

Scene 4

Interior; Johnathan’s home.

Nichelle: Johnathan, dear? What’s wrong?

Johnathan: Business, dear. Just business.

Nichelle: We’ve been married far too long for you to think you can get away with lying that poorly. There’s more to this than unexpected meetings with the Council.

Johnathan: It’s not something I should be talking about.

Nichelle: It has something to do with that girl—the rogue your man found last night.

Johnathan: I wish she were a rogue. We know how to deal with them; a bit of intimidation, possibly sanctions or embargo, revocation if absolutely necessary. This, however…

Nichelle: What is “This”?

Johnathan: {deep breath, pause} She’s a Natural.

Nichelle: … Oh.

Johnathan: The fifth that we’ve discovered this year.

Nichelle: … five?

Johnathan: That we know of.

Nichelle: How can that be?

Johnathan: I don’t know. I’m not trained for this. Nobody is trained for this.

Nichelle: You need to visit the Library.

Johnathan: {startled} The Library? I’ve not… {pauses, as if coming to an understanding} Perhaps you’re right.

Nichelle: Of course I am, dear. I’m always right {winks and kisses him}

Scene 4.5

Exterior; roof top. Fisher is sitting across the street from Meg’s apartment. An apprentice, Wallace, approaches.

Wallace: Your coffee, ma’am.

Fisher: Ah. Thank you.

Wallace: Any activity?

Fisher: No. Not really. She’s been going about her normal activities. Ordered out for food, now she’s sitting on the computer. I’m curious though…

Wallace: About what?

Fisher: Nicholas said that she was “leaking like a sieve” when he saw her at the bar. Other than a glimmer now and again, I haven’t seen any power from her at all. She’s certainly not leaking it.

Wallace: Any clue as to her Circle?

Fisher: No. She hasn’t been using—other than a couple simple things—so there’s no indication as to her Approach. This is going to be a rather quiet night, I believe.

Wallace: Should I stay?

Fisher: No. You go home and get some sleep. Report to Simon in the morning. I’ll contact you if I need anything.

Wallace: Yes, ma’am. {exit Wallace}

{Fisher sits and watches Meg’s apartment; end scene}

Scene 5

Interior; cheap studio apartment. Meg is getting dressed.

Meg: {to her cat} C’mon, Razor. Cheer up. It’s the weekend. Last night was payday. That means gooshy food for you and some Jack for me. Not, however… until after Pancakes at Willie’s. {she continues dressing and finally pulls on her leather jacket; she reacts slightly as if getting a chill}

{She scritches the cat} You keep an eye on the place, Razor. I might be gone a while. {grabs keys and heads out the door. Pan back to the cat; its eyes flash green}

Exterior, Meg’s building. Camera follows her as she walks down the street. Meg turns a corner into an alley. Suddenly she turns and slams her for-arm into the wall—only the arm doesn’t actually touch the wall}

Invisible, huh? I learned that one when I was a kid. You need to practice a bit more {Fisher appears, pinned to the wall behind Meg’s arm.} I don’t know who you guys are, but this is twice in the past day. If I were the paranoid type, I might think you’re out to get me. Luckily for me, you’re not going to remember any of this. {places her free hand on Fisher’s head causing her to pass out}

{pulls out cell phone & dials} Hey, Jimmy. I need a favor. An acquaintance has had a bit to much to fun and passed out in the alley behind the bakery. Could you drop her off somewhere to sleep it off? Thanks. {to Fisher (who’s still unconscious)} You better hope he’s not in a joking mood today.

Scene 6

Interior: The Library—a private library, very old, leather chairs and large tables. At one end, a middle-aged woman—stern but not harsh—sits at a large antique desk. Enter Johnathan.

Librarian: Good afternoon, Mr. Kayser.

Johnathan: Good afternoon, Ma’am.

Librarian: How can I help you today?

Johnathan: I need to know about Naturals. What can you tell me?

Librarian: {eyes flash green} Quite a bit of speculation… Not much fact. Let’s find a starting point. What do you know already? {ushers him over to a set of chairs}

Johnathan: Not much. About what everyone knows. A little more, I guess. Naturals are… an anomaly. One appears every century or so. They’re able to tap into the source without being triggered. They’re able to use the magicks without formal training, and they don’t need an Approach to focus their energies. I also know that the Genn Tau is… I hate to use the word “afraid”, but… they’re concerned” about them.

Librarian: As well they should be.

Johnathan: Why?

Librarian: Because, as you know, the correct pronoun is now “Them”. Naturals have never been referred to as plural except in the abstract. Never in the concrete.

Johnathan: And now there are 6 of them—assuming the old one is still alive somewhere.

Librarian: Exactly. Nobody knows where the Naturals come from—how they come to be. Every one of us was born a Latent, waiting to be triggered by a mage. Without a trigger, the doorway remains closed. That’s the order of things. That’s how we control the flow and prevent the birth of tyrannies and dynasties. The Approaches teach us to focus and refine our power, while keeping us in our place. The Genn—7 circles of authority—maintain the order and dispense justice as required. This is how we’ve stayed hidden for all these centuries. You know the history better than most. You know what happened when discipline got lax.

Johnathan: The Trials.

Librarian: The Trials. It took a century to recover from those dark times.

Johnathan: But that had nothing to do with a Natural. Did it?

Librarian: Not that is recorded, no. It’s simply an example of what happens when the discipline of the Circles is not strictly adhered to. One Natural is a threat to that discipline. A single Natural—with no controls, no limiting discipline, no mental preparation or training—could present himself a messiah, or create a tyrannic empire that puts to shame all those that have come before.

Johnathan: Surely that’s an exaggeration. There have been dozens of Naturals over the centuries, and we’ve never seen anything like that.

Librarian: Are you so sure? Remember: global communications are a very new thing. In centuries past, expansion was limited by the speed of your horses or your fastest ships. And yet we saw Alexander, Genghis, and the line of Ceasars.

Being a Natural does not make one power-hungry—but neither does it prevent it.

Now, there are at least 5 of them walking the Earth.

Johnathan: So what is it you’re not telling me?

Librarian: The Prophesy.

Johnathan: Prophesy? There’s no such thing. Time is one of the unbreakable boundaries.

Librarian: There are those who would disagree. The theories exist. But true or not, what matters is the belief.

Johnathan: So what is this prophesy?

Librarian: In the middle of the 13th century, in Tibet, a Natural wrote a single page describing a time when “five fives shall arise without Circle or Sigil”. A time when “the Circle of Silver shall be severed and the Three shall burn in the Green fire of Truth.”

The first thing that makes it remarkable is that it uses all the terms of the Genn—which no Natural should know.

Johnathan: And how many layers of translation did it have to go through to get to that reading?

Librarian: None.

Johnathan: What?

Librarian: That’s the other remarkable thing: It was written in English.

Scene 100

Exterior; unidentified city. 2 men in a car, outside an apartment building.

Hunter 1: What’s it look like in there?

Hunter 2: I’ve got one figure in the target’s apartment. Surrounding apartments are empty.

Hunter 1: Let’s go. {They exit the car and head to the building. Electronic key pad at the door. Hunter 1 touches it, there’s a hint of green, and the door opens.} I just love electronic locks. {They ride the elevator up and approach an apartment}

Hunter 1: Ready?

Hunter 2: Ready.

Hunter 1: {places his fingers on the door lock and (using magnetism) sets the tumblers and turns the lock to open the door.}
{The two enter the apartment, locate the man, and shoot him. The gun has a faint “bubble” around it that, when the gun is fired, compresses to a thin layer the dissipates—it has absorbed the sound of the gunshot. They then proceed to trash the apartment as if it were a burglary. They take a few things of value, but don’t seem interested in them. It’s just for looks. After they’re done, they leave, relocking the door behind them.}

Hunter 1: {on cell phone} Yes. It’s done. The Natural has been taken care of.

Act II

Scene 1

Meg returns home.

Scene 50

Interior, coffee shop; 1/2 busy. Meg sits in the corner.

Meg: {opens cell phone & the screen flashes green. Into phone:} Hey, Big Bot, It’s Meg. I need help. Canyou meet me me? I’m at a coffee shop down on 38 th and Elm. {pause} This is serious shit {pause} No. I don’t know who it is, but they’re like nothing you’ve ever dealt with. {pause}. Thanks. I’ll be waiting.

Passage of time ~ 30 minutes

{Enter Big Bot, sees Meg and heads to her table.}

Bot: Hey, Max

Meg: Hey, Big Bot. Thanks for coming.

Bot: Anything for my Maximal. You know that. {sits}

Meg: This may exceed your limits. Wait… before I tell you what’s going on, put your foot on mine and leave it there.

Bot: Footsie? You dragged me all the way down here to flirt with me? {places his foot on hers, faint glow flashes and vanishes} What the hell was that??

Meg: That’s me looking out for you.

Bot: Some sort of electronic gizmo to fizzle bugs?

Meg: Magic.

Bot: {Spocks an eyebrow} Okay… I’m listening.

Meg: You know how I’ve always been able to get into and out of situations when it seemed almost impossible?

Bot: Yeah.

Meg: It’s… magic. Real magic. There’s this… like… energy that I can sort of tap into. It lets me do things.

Bot: What kinds of things?

Meg: Fun things. And scary things. The details aren’t important right now.

Bot: So what was it you just did to me?

Meg: To us. It’s a sort of “ignore me” field. Like being invisible without being invisible. People can see us, but they won’t pay any attention to us. They won’t recognize us. They won’t remember us.

Bot: You’re serious.

Meg: Dead serious. And if what’s going on is what I think it is, I’ll just be plain old dead. Someone’s after me. I figured it out last week. Someone put a sort of “tracer” on my jacket. I didn’t feel it at the time, but I noticed it the next morning when I put on my jacket. Sort of a… cold shiver… I can’t explain it.

When I left for breakfast, there was someone following me. An invisible someone.

Bot: You can do that??

Meg: Yeah. I learned it a long time ago. You’re not really invisible—cameras and stuff can still see you—it’s more like this thing I just did; a “You don’t see me” field. Like… hypnotism. Anyway… I caught this chick following me and knocked her out. Erased her memory. Kinda sloppy, but effective.

A couple nights ago, someone was in my apartment when I was at work.

Bot: How do you know?

Meg: Umm… Razor told me.

Bot: He “told” you? Your cat told you that someone was in your apartment?

Meg: Not in words. I’m not crazy, okay? I’ve got him trained—sorta. If someone’s been in my place he does specific actions to let me know. I haven’t been home since. I left Razor with Jimmy, I grabbed all the cash I had and a few things in my bag, and I got the hell out of there.

Bot: Where’d you go?

Meg: The roof across the street. I left a couple booby-traps on the apartment. Sort of like silent alarms. Late last night, two guys in suits showed up. Walked in like it was unlocked. I left a little surprise for them. Hurt ’em pretty bad. But now… I’m fucking terrified. I came down to this side of town to hide out. I never come down here, so I don’t expect them to be looking here.

I need some help.

Bot: Anything I can do for you Max, you know that.

Meg: I… I need to blow up your garage.

Bot: {long pause} You…. what?

Meg: Well… not “blow up” blow up, but… I need to make a stand, take care of these guys so I can make a clean getaway. Your place has plenty of stuff for me to work with, and I know how to slip out the back when the fireworks are going off. There’s gonna be damage. I’ll keep it to a minimum, but things are gonna get broken.

Bot: When?

Meg: Tomorrow?

Bot: Okay. Give me til noon. That will give me time to pull out the important stuff and replace it with some older equipment that I can claim on my insurance.

Meg: You’re serious?

Bot: Maximal, have you forgotten? I owe you. I was so far up that needle, there’s no way I should have lived, but you pulled my ass to the hospital and… {realization} waitaminnit… was that…? Did you… ?

Meg: … yeah. Mom’s a nurse. She’s told me what an OD does to a person, and what needs to happen to save them. I learned enough to get inside you and break down the drugs before they could kill you. I couldn’t make it all go away, but I did enough to keep you alive until I could get an ambulance.

Bot: Holy fuck. I always said it was a miracle, but… it… wow.

I’ll have the place ready for you. Anything special you need?

Meg: No. Just move anything you can’t afford to lose, and be far away from the place when it happens. I don’t want you getting
hurt, and I don’t want them to go after you when I’m gone.

Bot: You call and let me know when.

Meg: Will do. Thanks, Big Bot. I owe you.

Bot: No. This makes us even.

Scene 99

Large choreographed fight between Meg & Hunters. Happens in a body shop owned by a friend of hers that she calls “Big Bot”. She uses weapons such as igniting fuel (for explosions and flame throwers), exploding spray cans, etc.