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The King's Guard

Small Changes and Big Guns

Things are moving slowly, but they’re moving–and that’s what counts.

A lot of what’s happening is happening behind the scenes.  For example, today we added another consultant.  This one has expertise in linguistics and (cutting edge) AI development.  We already have a consultant for military and space matters.  This is a big deal.  They may not be active contributors to the site or forums, but they’re available to answer the questions with actual, real-world, answers.  When then flame wars start up and people are shouting “unrealistic!”, it’s nice to say “Well… the guy from JPL–who’s launched umpteen satellites–says this is the way it actually works.”

Yeah… it’s nice to be able to pull out the big guns.  🙂

Fleshing out the Bones

Work continues behind the scenes on moving this project forward to the ultimate goal of producing actual shows and other media.  Right now we’re concentration on Gemini Colony Project, but we’re always looking for people who can step in and become official authors for any of the other projects.  If you have writing experience and you want to volunteer some time to helm one of the other projects, let me know.

The Gemini Project has a 2-season timeline roughly plotted, specific characters are being fleshed out, motivations and agendas are being assigned, and details are starting to fill in.   One of the philosophies behind the production of these stories is that full seasons will be planned out in advance, so that every episode advances the entire story.  Even a “monster of the week” episode will have information and interaction that is essential to the story as a whole.

Because of this the creative process is going to have an odd-shaped curve.    It won’t look like there’s much being done at first, but once we get to the stories, I expect a whole season’s initial draft to be written in just a few weeks of furious typing.   It’s the hope of all of the writers that we can create stories that draw people in and keep them interested–not just in what happened in the current episode, but what’s going to happen 10 episodes down the line.

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