Commercial License

Trilobyte Studios is built on a foundation of open-source ideals.  We also understand that there needs to be some basic constraints to assure the the “big dogs” don’t take over the property and give nothing back.

To start with, the project, as a whole, is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.  The linked page spells it out in simple English:  Give credit, don’t make money, don’t change the license.  The BY and SA parts aren’t much of a bother, but the NC part is where things get could get complicated.

We’ll make it simple.

If you are going to generate any income, you need a “commercial license”.  Excepting moral discretion and tier 3 status, everyone who asks for a commercial license will be presented with one.

Tier One:  You are asking for money to create your product, and the total income is less than $10k.  No problem. You get the license in exchange for attribution (linkbacks, please!).

Tier Two: You are making money, and it exceeds $10k.  The first $10k is free.  Anything over that is subject to a 5% licensing fee.  That fee shall be paid, in the name of the Trilobyte Project to:

  1. A local domestic abuse shelter
  2. An established program which supports education in the arts or sciences
  3. The creation or maintenance of a scholarship for those seeking education in STEM or the visual or performing arts.

Tier Three:  If gross income for a project exceeds (or is expected to exceed) $100k, a custom license will be required.

Tier One and Tier Two are basically on the honor system.  Be good, okay?