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Biblical Scholar
Biblical Scholar

Job Description

  • Assist Weavers in defining details based on Biblical texts and traditions
  • Provide insights and interpretations of Biblical references
  • Confirm or deny new interpretations created by Weavers, using direct textual or historical references.
  • Add information, including discounted or heretical interpretations.


Credit: Viktor VasnetsovLegion deals with the apocalypse,  and does so in an unusual manner.  This is a passionate, and quite contested, topic.  As Biblical Scholar, it will be your task to provide the information and insight needed for writers, directors, designers, and others to create stories that fulfill their story-telling needs, while still remaining consistent with what is written.

A part of this job will be providing insight into varying–even conflicting–interpretations of biblical history and prophesy.  The object is not to say which one is right, only which ones are wrong–because something in the writing makes the interpretation impossible.  These will need to be filtered through current events, and the premise that the Apocalypse started in 1945.

The job also involves balancing the histories and interpretations of the major and minor sects of the Abrahamic faiths and their cultures.


  • Full credit
  • Control over format and cannon
  • Full publication rights


All work will become part of the Trilobyte Project, and be released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

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