Gold Coast: Chapter 4-D

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Pebble in the Sky

Part D

With her ‘claimers emptied, and her stocks recharged, Lisha finally took the time to relax. She had entered I-space at low C, but had compensated with a higher field angle. Still, the trip to this new station would take over 2 full hexes. Two hexes in which to file paperwork, update her mission logs, find out what had been happening in the Empire for the last moon, read the backlog of mail, and catch up on missed episodes of Cat-Tastrophy. She sighed contentedly and opened her mail file.

359 entries. She filtered them and reduced the number to 123. These she sorted, and began working through, one by one. Personal letters came first. Guild business came last. After an hour, she was finally at the last post; an update on her current assignment.

To: Lisha ni Maria Cameron, GFO

From: Arn Kellenash, Division Chair 129, GFO

Subj: Assignment schedule change

Apprentice Terra baan Netta has been detained by medical div. awaiting final approval. New date for start of escort set at 28 Widow’s Moon. Date of 14 Widow’s Moon now void. Adjust personal schedule as needed. Contract still in effect starting 14 Widow’s moon.


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