Gold Coast: Chapter 4-C

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Pebble in the Sky

Part C

Lisha floated in the light of the read-out screens. The bridge hummed quietly with the sound of electricity; the recycled air sighed softly through the vents behind her. A gentle beep counted off the seconds; seconds which it took to work through the ascending levels of access and descending layers of folders in the search for a specific file. While access to one of the largest databases in the Empire was a good thing, it did have its disadvantages. Data seldom accessed was often buried deep. Temporary data could be even worse. To a drifter, however, a wait of hours was easy; a wait measured in seconds was not even worth noting.

“Data acquired.” The stern androgynous voice of the Pebble’s computer informed her. Lisha didn’t like friendly-sounding computers; she distrusted them. ‘Mind’s were different–they were people. Computers were machines. And machines should be properly subservient. “Coordinates set to nav-com. Destination Fleet Space Station, designation one-oh-six. Ready to initiate i-space sequence.” As she stretched out to start the auto-piloting sequence, Lisha idly wondered just where this new station was.

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