Gold Coast: Chapter 4-B

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Pebble in the Sky

Part B

1.5 hours later, Lisha was aboard the Pebble. The ship was a standard Guild prospector’s ship; a misshapen snowman in space. Four spheres tied together in a line formed its entirety. At the front a 5 meter sphere held the bridge. Unlike traditional ships, there was no captain’s chair. Such vanities and symbols of authority were of little use to a captain whose only crew was herself. In addition, such a furniture would be of little use. The bridge, like all of the ship, was designed for use in zero-G. All the available wall space–and without gravity, it was all wall–was covered in equipment. Screens, gauges, switches, and keypads dominated the space. The only exceptions were the windows. One six-meter circle faced straight forward along the normal line of acceleration. Four more ran along the equator of the sphere, 90ยบ from each other; rectangles half a meter wide by two meters long. Opposite the forward screen was the irising lock to the crew quarters

From the outside, the second section measured 10 meters across. The inside was somewhat smaller; only 7 meters from wall to wall. Sandwiched between the outer hull and the walls of Lisha’s quarters were all the things that kept her alive. That space housed the main portion of the ship’s computer system, the communications system, gravity and shield generators, air and waste ‘claimers, and a large enough supply of food, water, and air for over 2 standard years. Within the inner walls was Lisha’s home. Like many of her profession, Lisha kept few possessions. Most of her entertainment was accessed through her n-link to the Guild’s library. The Library was one of the more comprehensive collections of information, entertainment, and access in the Empire. It not only held an archive of media rivaling that of the Imperial Repository, it also broadcast popular media frequencies. Without the link to the Guild Library, it was difficult to keep up with the current happenings of the Empire, or local news from any of the member worlds. Besides that, there a couple new comedies out this season that were actually rather funny. And she never missed an episode of Cat-Tastrophy if she could at all help it. The cartoon kitten always managed to keep her laughing.

Behind the crew quarters was the main mass and volume of the ship. The cargo section spanned 30 meters across. In reality, Lisha didn’t need this section; a scout ship would have been sufficient, but she multied at prospecting jobs while on many of her scouting missions. About half of the available cargo space was reserved for anything she might find. The remainder was converted into storage for additional supplies and extra living space. Unlike most drifters, Lisha didn’t mind company-at least for short stays. And on the occasions when Kern decided to visit, the additional space made a nice guest room.

Behind the massive cargo bay was the last little bit of the snowman. Another 5 meter sphere clung to the back of the ship. Along this ball, from front to rear, ran 4 large ribs, each housing a portion of the field generators which allowed the ship to travel through i-space. In addition, it housed a large reaction engine, and the main power-supply for the rest of the ship.

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