Gold Coast: Chapter 3-E

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A Day and a Life

Part E

“Good evening, Captain. Please, have a seat.”

“Thank you, Doctor. I just wanted to thank you personally for what you did yesterday. I realize that by openly contacting the Dragonfly as you did, and linking yourself to her captain, you have placed yourself in a …delicate situation.”

“As I think you may know, Captain, that was the least of my worries at the time.”

“I…understand. It is, I’m afraid, impossible for me to erase the communication from the records. I have, however, had Brys bury it rather deep and given him instructions to dissuade any line of inquiry which might lead to that record. He cannot refuse a properly authorized direct inquiry, of course, but he can make every sure that only those with perfectly written authorization access it.” The captain’s eyes curled in a slight smile. “he was a little confused by the nature of the…request, but assured me that he would see to it. I shall be happy when he has…matured a bit more.”

“Thank you, Captain. It seems I’m building a large debt of favors.”

“No, Aerowyn. What I have done is but a small return on the debt I owe you. A debt of one thousand nine hundred and twenty seven lives.

“One more thing. Snow, your actions have not gained you any favor with chief dal Hagan. I have informed her that I will not authorize any investigation into the matter of the Garen assistance–the Alliance is, after all, our ally, despite what we may feel about certain of its citizens–but I cannot prevent any independent inquiries. Fleet law limits my authority over security investigations of that nature.

“I’ll be careful.”

The Delphin’s eyes again curled into a smile. “No, Doctor, you shant. It is not in your nature. I have no doubt, however, that you shall be…lucky.”

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