Gold Coast: Chapter 3-D

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A Day and a Life

Part D

The next 20 minutes were quiet for Aerowyn. Through her office windows she absently watched as the doctors and staff of the fourth shift began to filter in. Throughout the rest of the medical wing, much more of the same was happening. Doctors, nurses, and technicians wandered in before their shifts, taking time to talk with the previous shift and the patients themselves; checking progress, reading test results, and doing their best to organize the chaos of the night before.

As she sat looking through the window to the lobby beyond, she thought about her staff. They were still tired from the work of getting the hospital up and running. Most had been working double shifts while waiting for the remainder of the staff to arrive from outlying planets and stations. Those additional crew were now among those lying in hospital beds. Or the morgue. Many of those passing through the lobby to report for duty did so with bandages and splints showing from beneath their uniforms. At first, she had considered keeping them from duty until their injuries had had a chance to begin healing, but quickly changed her mind. Their help was needed and the emotional effect on both them and their patients would do them all some good.

Lost in her thinking, Aerowyn hadn’t realized what she’d been seeing for the last several minutes. Fleet medical uniforms were blue and white. Distinctive in design from all other divisions. That many of those passing in front of her window wore the general-issue black fatigues was normal, but several of those passing through wore the green of Life Sciences, grey of Physical Sciences, or black of Astry or Sassar. It has been the deep red of a Diplomatic uniform that had caught her attention. As she thought back, she estimated far more than the perhaps 25 medical staff available to man the shift; not counting those who reported in to duty without ever passing through this area.


“Yes, Dr. bren Moira?”

“Who are all these people passing through the lobby? There’s no visitation during fourth shift.”

“All crew in the hospital wing are currently assigned to medical duties.”

“Brys. I’m seeing LS, PS, Diplo…These are not medical personnel. Not to mention the fact that I don’t have that many medical staff to begin with. I saw one Denevan of the warrior caste, and I know for a fact that I have none of those on my staff.”

“After the report of the casualties and shortage of medical personnel was posted in the daily boards, a number of crew members requested permission of the captain to volunteer extra shifts in the medical wing. Permission was granted. It was mentioned in Dr. Saba’s report as well as in the captain’s daily boards.

“Oh. I haven’t read them yet. Thank you.” She watched as three more crew members entered the lobby, including the captain. As was usual, she carried a steaming cup of pepper tea. Rather than head straight to Aerowyn’s office, the Delphin woman turned to the doorway into ICU. She didn’t enter the room, but stood for a time in the doorway, surveying the electronic beds, glowing dimly with medical readouts, and the people who lay in them.


“Yes, Dr. bren Moira?”

“How many people volunteered for extra duties?”

“Two hundred and seventeen at present. The medical staff is using them for non-skilled and semi-skilled tasks as fit their abilities.”

“Do you have a list of the names?”


“Copy it to my personal logs, please. Along with a tally of how many of these shifts they put in.”

“Transfer completed.”

“And Brys…Don’t tell anyone about it.”

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