Gold Coast: Chapter 3-C

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A Day and a Life

Part C

At last, Aerowyn slumped into the plush chair behind her desk. Damon had sent word ahead, and had a fresh pot of tea and a sandwich waiting for her. She smiled to herself, realizing again how much she depended on her second. She relaxed into her chair, a cup of the hot tea steaming in one hand, the sandwich hanging idly in the other; a large bite missing.

“Dr. bren Moira?” Brys’ voice spoke in her ear. “Are you available for a moment?” “Dr. bren Moira?”

“I’m here, Brys. You just caught me with a mouth full of food.”

“My apologies.”

“That’s all right. What can I do for you?”

“The captain has requested to speak with you. She has indicated that I should wait until you were finished with your tour of the injured. As you now appear to have finished, I am relaying the message.”

Aerowyn took a deep breath before responding. “Tell her that I’ll be there right away. Where ever ‘there’ she might be.”

“That will not be necessary. I have informed her that you are partaking of dinner. It is her instructions that you finish your meal. She will report to your office shortly.”

“Right. Thanks. I’m going to finish partaking now.

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