Gold Coast: Chapter 3-A

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A Day and a Life

Part A

Aerowyn slowly slipped into consciousness; images of silver dragons and creatures of blue fire rapidly fading into the back of her mind. Beneath her ear she heard the familiar rhythm of Delphin hearts. With the great effort required of the newly-woken, she gently kissed the smooth skin on which she rested, and rolled almost painfully to her back.

Her resources exhausted, she simply lay there, letting her mind become accustomed to the concept of consciousness. For the next five minutes, she just lay there breathing deep and slow as piece after piece of reality clicked quietly into place.

click Raven. Despite the many hexes they had been apart, she had immediately slipped back into old habits. That he was beside her in the bed was expected. It took her several seconds to remember how long it had been since they had last slept together. Not that much of the previous night had been spent sleeping.

click The reason for her exhaustion came back to her. She smiled.

click Silver dragons flying in the fiery clouds of sunset; the image from her dream passed briefly across her closed eyes.

click The Ironwing. The rescue mission, Raven had been on that ship.

click Team four. Kennon, Red Sky, and the others. All dead. The reality of it still didn’t touch her, though she knew it would. Eventually.

click Fire-fight in i-space. With this, she came at last fully awake. There would be a full investigation of this. So many questions. And a certainty that many would find no answers/

“Brys? Time?”

The ‘mind’s voice was a whisper near her ear, as quiet as her own. “Two thirty seven.”

It took several seconds for the importance of what she heard to sink in. When it did, she shot up, swung her legs over the edge of the bed and reached for her uniform, strewn haphazardly on the floor. “Fangs, Brys! Why didn’t you wake me? I’ve missed my entire shift, almost.”

No longer needing to worry about waking Raven, Brys’ voice raised to a normal volume. “You may relax, Doctor. As the situation is currently stable, Captain Little Wing has granted a leave of duties for all members of the rescue team. Doctor Saba has assigned doctors ap Niko and Tellek to cover your shift this morning. He has said I am to inform you that all patients are within nominal parameters. Surgical teams have stood down. His initial report is on file for you to study, but he requests that you stop by the hospital before the end of second shift for a personal survey of the situation.”

“Thank you, Brys. Tell him I’m awake and will be there shortly.”

“If I may, Dr. bren Moira. Dr. Saba has filed an official prescription for you.”

“A what?”

“It reads as follows: ‘anticipating a condition of advanced fatigue due to undue stress and prolonged physical exertion–in that order–Dr. Aerowyn bren Moira Kelta is to spend no less than 50 minutes past the time of her waking in bed with her husband. In addition, a full breakfast–items of which are listed below–is to be taken. The same prescription has been filed for Dr. Raven’

“In accordance with his further orders, your access to all work documents has been locked until the prescribed time has elapsed. The order for your breakfast was logged upon your calling me and should be delivered within 15 minutes.”

Aerowyn laughed as she lay back on the bed, her feet still dangling over the edge. Raven moved his arm aside as her head laid against his chest, lowering it again to drape across his wife’s chest. His fingers traced idle designs on the pale, warm skin. He felt her small nipples tighten, whether to his touch or the coolness of the room, he didn’t know. Nor did he care.

“Thank you, Brys. Please tell Dr. Saba that I will check in with him before the shift change.”

“The message has been delivered. Will there be anything else?”

“No, thank you.”

Aerowyn crawled back into bed and atop her husband.

“So. We’ve been ordered to spend the next half hour in bed. Any ideas on how to keep from getting bored?”

“Hmmm.” The low chord echoed through both their bodies. “I believe I can think of something.”

“Do tell.”

Raven’s eyes curled into a wide smile as he ran his hands down the trim body on top of him. “This, I believe, is something better demonstrated than explained.”

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