Gold Coast: Chapter 2-E

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Twisted Steel and Sex Appeal

Part E

Aerowyn pulled the last of the patients through the docking gate and let the other medics take care of them.

“All teams: report.”

“Team one: out and clear.

“Team two: pushing the last ones through the hole.”

“Team three: out and strapped.”

A long pause followed.

“Team four? Report, team four.”

“Um…This is 0-1 Roan Cynric,” The shaky voice of a young Hrazelle came across the com-unit.

“Mister Cynric, explain.”

“Um, Sir, I…I think they’re dead. The dampeners failed before the engines stopped. It was the deck below me. They just…they…”

“Team five?”

“Last man’s coming down the chute.”

“Ghost?” Aerowyn was unsure of the Delphin’s voice.

“Yes, Sir, Snow.”

“Check out team four–you alone. You have five minutes.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Aerowyn took a deep breath and looked around at the ship packed with young faces. A few among the crowd were old enough to have had danger experience, but many of them were kids. Young men and women from all species and races either serving out their minimum required duty, or looking for glory in the Fleet. After today, some would change their minds.

“Dr. bren Moira.” Ghost’s voice sang in Aerowyn’s ear. “Report confirmed. Team four is lost. Heavy casualties on the lower decks. It’s a mess down there.”

“Understood. Strap in, we’re heading home.” She switched to the pilots’ channel and cleared the image of the dead out of her head. “All pilots, prepare to push. We’re leaving the ships to God’s Hearth.” She switched off the com-unit and turned to the navigator. “Mister, give me a real-link at 325 dot 5.”

“Yes, sir.” A few quick key-strokes and the communications screen lit up. A moment later, an image formed of a rough-looking Delphian, a long scar running down the right side of his face across the eye, and a lock of white hair standing out from the normal black hair of his race.

“This is the Free Ship Windjammer, flying under Garen Alliance registry. I am Stormbringer of Lonetree Clan. ”

“Captain. I’m Snow–Dr. Aerowyn bren Moira. I wish to thank you officially for your help and that of the other ships. It is very fortunate that you happened to be passing through the area to view the beauty of God’s Hearth. Though be careful, I understand that unlicensed minors frequent the hearth, and can be dangerous.” The Garen captain silently acknowledged the official lie. “We are leaving these ships to the mercy of the Hearth. They are officially abandoned as soon as the last rescue ship pushes into i-space. We can only hope that something happens to them before they fall into Federation hands.”

“I’m sure that they will not survive the dangers of God’s Hearth. I think it is time that I and my companions return to our sight-seeing.”

“Godspeed. Dorna Keel out.”

“All pilots. Break docking clamps and head for home.” She let her body relax slightly and turned to the pilot. ” Mister bar Roethe , I hereby give up any authority I may have pretended I had on this mission. It’s all yours again.” She walked calmly out of the control cabin into the mass of bodies in the ship and, closing the door behind her, sought out her husband. It was quite possible that after surviving this disaster, he would die of exhaustion in his wife’s bed. She had 6 hexes of loneliness and 6 hours of terror to work out of her system. And a body raging with adrenaline, endorphins and hormones to help her make good on the threat.

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