Gold Coast: Chapter 1-F

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Diplomatic Corps uniform

Amaranth bren Sarah

A Seat Where Gods Might Dwell

Part F

Aerowyn walked down the hall toward the staff room where she was to report. She’d only been down this way once before, and was still unfamiliar with all the turns. She stopped herself as she was about to ask the station’s Mind for directions; it wouldn’t be awakened until this evening. With only one wrong turn, which she quickly corrected, Aerowyn finally reached the room. She tapped the pad on the wall, and the door slid open for her. She was the last of the chief officers to arrive, with only the captain herself still absent.

She looked around at the officers, noticing who was present. Amaranth she knew well. Aina Arro she had met earlier. With Aina was another Hrazelle, dressed in the grey of physical sciences. That had to be Alia Kalil , Chief engineer for the station, and the only one of the group who had been with the station since the beginning. Talking with Amaranth was a Kymrian woman in the uniform of the Sassar. Aerowyn placed her as Bannen dal Hagen Strach , the chief of the station police and security force. She was a tall lean woman. She wore her hair short, contrary to the norm, yet she kept brushing it away from her face as if it were too long for her.

Aerowyn walked over to Amaranth and the Sassar.

“Hello, `Ranth. How you doing this morning?”

“Snow. Hello there. I’m doing fine. How’re you?”

“Pretty good.” Aerowyn turned to the other woman. “And a good morning to you as well. I’m Aerowyn bren Moira…”

“Of House Kelta; chief medical officer, surgeon, and champion G-ball player.” The sassar smiled. “I’m Bannen dal Hagen, of House Strach. Chief of security. I’ve had a good look at your file, and I must say, there are a few questions I’d like to ask you some time. I have a real dislike for blank spaces in a file. And you seem to have more than your share.”

“Well, you can ask all the questions you like.” Aerowyn smiled back at her. “But don’t expect any answers. I think it’s more fun to keep you guessing.”

The three turned when they heard the sound of the door opening behind them. The captain walked into the room, a steaming cup of pepper tea in her hand. She sat at the head of the long wooden table, and motioned for the others to take their seats as well. Each officer pulled up a chair and sat facing the captain.

“Good morning to you all. I’m glad to see you all here this morning in such good moods. I know that a couple of you are still adjusting from ship’s time to station time.

“I have met with each of you personally, but I thought it would be a good idea for all of us to meet officially, and lay down a little of the ground work for how we’re going to be running this station. I want input from all of you. I insist on input from all of you. But I out-rank you, so I get to have my say first.

“I will require each of you to give some form of report each day to me personally. It can be informal. If you see me in the hallway and give me a simple `stations nominal’ I’ll be satisfied. Chief dal Hagen, I will require a formal written report from you, or your second, each day, to be signed off by me. In addition, we will have a weekly meeting of all chief officers right here in this room for a full table discussion of whatever needs discussing.

“I prefer to let you all run your own departments. I will interfere in your departments only as I deem necessary. For those of you unaware, Chief dal Hagen is my second, and has full authorization in my absence.” The Delphian looked around at the other women. “Any thing you may have to add?”

Aria sat forward, and after a look around at the other department chiefs, turned her gaze back to the captain. “Where are the men?”

With a straight face and bland tone Little Wing replied, “Chained in the basement. We only let them out for the mating season, or when we have a heavy box to lift.” The women all laughed, a little more relaxed now that they knew their captain had a sense of humor.

“I do have an actual announcement to make.” Aria spoke up once the chuckles were reduced to smiles. “We’re waking the station’s synthetic mind this evening. I would like it if you could all be there. It’ll take a few weeks before he really starts to develop a personality, but he will still have awareness. First impressions are the most important, and I want him to get to know the six of us real well.”

“He?” Aerowyn looked across at the engineer.

“Yes. He’s been programmed as a masculine. His name is Brys.”

Aerowyn sat back and looked curiously at Aria. “With the six department chiefs all women, why make the mind a masculine?”

“That’s easy.” All eyes turned to Amaranth. “We have to have some man to blame when things go wrong.”

“Ladies,” Little Wing once again took control of the meeting when the laughs faded. “As much as I enjoy discussing the deficiencies of the male gender, it is a topic which has no foreseeable end. Meanwhile, you all have departments to organize and staff to instruct. I’ll see you all in main engineering at 6:50 for the awakening.” She took a casual drink of her still-steaming tea and looked back at the women. “Dismissed.”

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