Gold Coast: Chapter 1-D

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A Seat Where Gods Might Dwell

Part D

Aerowyn stood in the living room of the suite she and Raven would be sharing. She cursed the circumstances that had caused her husband to remain behind to shepherd the contingent of students and cadets that would comprise the last of the crew and staff for the station. She had thought about him often the last few weeks, and had kept a holo of him programmed into the computer on the transport ship. This thought made her smile, and setting down the shoulder bag she still wore, she pulled a small data-storage coin from it and walked over to the terminal on the desk near the far wall. While the station’s Mind had not been wakened yet, the lower systems were still functional, and open to her. She placed the coin in a slot and played with the controls for a few seconds. Soon, a miniature version of her husband stood on the desk.

Raven was a Delphi, one of a species originating on the outward edge of the Empire. They, and their brother-race, the Denevans, felt that perfection of mind, spirit, and body create perfection of the person. As a result, most Delphi and Denevans were beautiful to look at–if one wasn’t prejudiced against alien species. Aerowyn loved the look of Raven. His snow-white skin was even purer than her own, and was offset by jet-black hair that cascaded over his shoulders. Aerowyn and Raven had grown up together on Cato and she no longer noticed the striking differences of their two species. In many cases, the body of Raven seemed more natural than those of Kymrians like herself. She expected the hand that touched her to have the odd two-thumbed grip. She occasionally saw noses and ears to be odd protrusions disturbing the flow of the face. And the smooth flow of a naked Delphian male from stomach to thigh seemed the perfect design. It made much more sense to keep the sex organs protectively withdrawn until needed than to let them hang out, vulnerable to damage–whether accidental or intentional. The most striking aspect of Raven himself was his tattoo: A stylized raven done entirely in blackwork reaching from his neck to the base of his spine; the tips of the wings ending just above his elbows. He had saved a long time to get the work done, and was quite proud of it, displaying it whenever possible.

At last, Aerowyn turned from the holo and looked around the rest of the suite. The large living room was already furnished, the current arrangement dividing the area into two smaller spaces. To the left was a door leading into a small study–a privilege of her rank. To the right was the kitchen, fully furnished and tiled in cream white and cobalt blue. A small island sat in the center of the large floor area, four padded stools placed around it. A short hallway led past the kitchen and back to the bathing room behind it. The sizable room had full facilities, including a large bath tub fitted for fluid baths. Both she and Raven enjoyed indulging in the viscous baths. Across the hall was the bedroom. It was dominated by the large bed which sat beneath a vast window like those in the living room. The room had obviously been designed with a married couple in mind. At each end was a large closet and dresser, accompanied by a full-length mirror. In the corner formed by the walls of the hallway and living room was a vanity with several small drawers and a large lighted mirror.

The entire suite, with the exception of the kitchen and bathingroom, was carpeted with a soft, thick carpet, and furnished with rich colors and real hardwoods. The bathingroom and kitchen were both tile and polished metal, with, Aerowyn later found out, heated floors.

This was a place she was going to enjoy. After so many years of small apartments, student dormitories and transport ships, she felt she deserved a plush and warm home. She hoped Raven, too, would like it. She laughed to herself, “He had better. We’re going to be here for a long time.”

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