Gold Coast: Chapter 1-C

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Life Sciences

Aina Arro

A Seat Where Gods Might Dwell

Part C

Despite all the time Aerowyn had spent studying the maps of the station, she still had difficulty finding her way to her suite. She wandered through several halls unsure of where exactly she was, and annoyed because the ship’s synthetic mind was still “asleep”. She had gotten used to having the help of a Mind when navigating unfamiliar corridors.

“Need a little help finding something?”

Aerowyn looked to her right into a large alcove. A young Hrazelle woman sat on one of the benches. Around her were various plants hanging from the ceiling and standing in pots. The woman stood up and walked over to Aerowyn, her long, brown tail and mane sweeping behind her. The short velvety fur that covered the rest of her was a clean white, almost the same shade as Aerowyn’s hair. Her color matched well with the green and white of her life-sciences uniform. Aerowyn looked up at her as she stood next to her. The young officer– an O-8 by her insignia equal in rank to Aerowyn–stood about 14 centimeters taller than Aerowyn, her long thin form was about average for her race. Part of the height of the Hrazelle was due to the structure of their feet–they walked on the toes like a cat, though their form, with the large eyes and long nostrils in place of a nose, was more reminiscent of a finely bred horse.

“Actually,” Aerowyn confessed. “I am quite lost. I thought I would be able to find my way around, but I seem to have taken a wrong turn somewhere.”

“Well, where is it you would like to go?”

“Deck 26, ring 0, forward. Suite 7.”

“That’s easy enough to find. I’m just down the hall from that.” The woman began to lead Aerowyn down the hallway toward their destination. “You’re O-8. Would you be the Chief medical?”

“Yes. Dr. Aerowyn bren Moira of House Kelta. More commonly known as Snow.”

“I heard you were to be arriving today. I’m Aina Arro , Chief of life sciences. We’ll most likely be working together quite a bit. Why the name Snow?”

“Because of my color.”

“I like your color. White is a nice choice.”

“But it’s not normal for my species. I’m a mutant–an albino. It’s a harmless mutation, so it was left.”

“Well then, Sister Snow, let us white women get you to your new home. Maybe later we can go to the Plaza for a drink. The vendors here have a trade agreement with several of the systems in the Zone. The wines and liquors they bring in are quite exotic.”

“I may just take you up on that. But first I have to do some more studying of the layout of this station. I can’t keep asking directions from strangers. It’s hard to earn the respect of the lower ranks when you can’t find your way home.”

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