Gold Coast: Chapter 1-B

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Astry uniform

Capt. Little Wing

A Seat Where Gods Might Dwell

Part B

With only her small flight bag of personal items slung over her shoulder, Aerowyn walked from her small cabin to the docking gate. The remains of her ship-board luggage would be transferred with her one crate of other items to her new cabin aboard SS-106. She hadn’t decided yet whether to wait for Raven or begin unpacking without him. He, too, would be bringing a crate, the prerogative of high rank, but both crates contained a mixture of items belonging to either of them.

The decision, it seemed, would have to wait. She rounded the last corner, and walked the remaining few meters to the docking gate where her new captain already waited. The fragrant cup of tea was now gone, and the traditional maratan swords of the Delphi hung at her hip, the long marat at her side, and the shorter ratta thrust through the front of her sash. Aerowyn, also, had changed into her dress uniform, the dark blue vest rich against the smooth black silk of the blouse and leggings. She had also strapped on the long dagger commonly worn by Fleet medical. She seldom wore the dagger, though she knew well how to use it, as was shown by the blood-tassel on the sheath.

She stepped alongside the captain, facing the docking gate. “Captain.”

“Doctor bren Moira.” Her new captain looked at her and nodded approval of her uniform–a gesture normal to Kymrians, not Delphi. “Just in time. The final docking lock is being set.” She turned back to the door and said nothing more to Aerowyn.

A few moments later, the gate opened, and, with a small crowd behind her, Little Wing stepped through the gate and onto SS-106 A security team of sassar in dress uniform waited on the other side to greet them. They stood at attention, bowing formally as the captain entered. She returned the bow formally and waited for the senior officer to step forward.

“Captain.” Security had evidently been informed of the captain’s arrival, though not long ago. The older man seemed slightly unsure, and hesitated slightly. “O-8 Dael ap Kaith of House Archeon, in temporary command of the station.”

The Captain’s voice rang out clear but quite in the fluid tones of the formal key.

“Mister ap Kaith, I am Little Wing of Redgrass Clann, Captain of SS-106. I hereby take command of this vessel.”

“Yes, Sir.” The man bowed again and stepped back into line with the others.

“Mister ap Kaith.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Where is the chief security officer?”

“Chief dal Hagan is off-station, Sir, conducting a security sweep of the area. She chose to continue her mission before returning, Sir.”

“Thank you.” The Delphian then turned to Aerowyn and reverted to the common key. “Let’s find our suites and get the feel for this place before we have to start acting like proper officers.”

Aerowyn smiled slightly at the suggestion, and followed the woman down the hall away from all the ceremony.

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