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Creating something magical

The rough draft for the Gemini Colony pilot episode is done (and there was much rejoicing).  It’s sitting in the queue waiting to be shredded and rebuilt by the other half of the writing team–but that’s not going to happen until after the holidays are done.

So… while we’re waiting for that, I’ve decided to get a start on the second project:  Genn Tau.

Genn Tau is very different from Gemini Colony.  First of all, it takes place on Earth–an alternate Earth, but still Earth.  Secondly, it deals with magic, not science.  Third, it’s going to be much more active. And fourth, it’s going to be much more stylized in both tone and look.  This will be one of those projects that lets designers have some fun.

The story–at it’s simplest–is about a structured (and secret) society of Magi living in the modern world.  Their magic is highly structured, governed by “Approaches” and styles, and  limited by the laws of physics.  Suddenly a host of “naturals” appears–people who can use the magic on their own, without training and without oversight.  We’re going to tell the story of the conflict that ensues.

Telling that story involves… well… telling the story.  That means writers.  And designers.  And concept artists.   So… this is the part of the post where I pull out my begging hat and ask for interested authors to step up and help out.  If you’ve got what it takes to be a core author, let me know.  Core authors get access to “secret” information, character bios, advanced designs, author status on this blog, and (of course) advanced scripts.

Genn Tau has the option of being a truly world-wide production, with scenes shot by teams across the world.  This opens up the story options to a wonderful range of settings and styles.  Wouldn’t you like to be a part of it all?

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