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Cultural Advisor
Dragon Riders

Job Description

  • Extrapolate far-future colonies based on current cultures and sub-cultures
  • Work with Weavers to create colonial cultures that highlight appropriate storylines while still remaining faithful to current cultures.
  • Review and (dis)approve cultures developed by other contributors
  • Establish and maintain rules and guidelines for the creation of new colonial cultures
  • Help Weavers to avoid cultural faux pas or insults (unless intentional)


Credit: KingofColeslawThe Dragon Riders universe is home to 3 colonial systems filled with cultures which range from cosmopolitan to fiercely isolationist.  Because of the inherent isolation of colonies (most of which exist on space habitats or other closed systems), many of their cultures have become self-reinforcing and even extreme.

We’re looking for someone who can take existing cultures and sub-cultures and extrapolate them out to realistic future cultures.  These cultures may be only for color background, or may be used as proxies for current geo-political concerns.

Our exo-anthropologist must have extensive knowledge regarding current cultures, their origins and their possible futures.  You needn’t know everything, however.  A significant portion of the job will be working with members of various communities and cultures to create extrapolations that both represent the ideals of the culture, highlight the positive and negative aspects that will be important for stories, fill in details that give a story depth, and avoiding mistakes or insults.


  • Full credit
  • Control over format and cannon
  • Full publication rights


All work will become part of the Trilobyte Project, and be released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

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