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More on Kymira

Nov 5th, 2010 | By

A fair amount of work done in a short day.  About a dozen new pages are listed under the Kymria project, as well as a couple small tid-bits elsewhere.  I’ve opened up a Kymria forum, so feel free to take anything you see here and discuss it over there. I’ve also installed a new theme. 
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A Little Perspective

Nov 4th, 2010 | By

So… Yesterday I said I have “a lot” of data on the Kymrian universe. Just to define what “a lot” is: 7 composition notebooks A novel A stack of drawings and sketches about 3″ thick Somewhere around 3 dozen characters (data and sketches) At least a dozen vignettes and story teasers. I’m still working on
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Pro Endorsement

Nov 3rd, 2010 | By

From the “It pays to go to summer camp” department: My very good friend  Matt Forbeck just gave the Trilobyte Project an official endorsement.  Or… at least a nod in our general direction.  🙂 Matt and I met at summer camp back in middle school.  We’ve been friends ever since, and we’ve worked with each
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Moving Along

Nov 2nd, 2010 | By

I’ve had a lot more time, this past week, to work on getting the site–and the project–moving forward.  And I’m getting excited about it. Some of the information isn’t posted.  For instance, I have an episode guide for season 1 of Gemini Colony (and some major plot points for season 2).  I can’t publish that,
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New Digs

Oct 28th, 2010 | By

We’ve moved from our .org domain to our .com domain and from a Drupal  install to a combination of WordPress and phpBB forums. These are tools that we’re more familiar with, and are better able to use efficiently and effectively. Most of the data from the old site has been transferred over–including users–and we’re ready
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Aug 13th, 2010 | By

Trilobyte Studios is in it’s embryonic stages; it’s going to be a while before this beast hatches and makes its own way in the world. Right now, you’re going to see a lot of things that don’t make sense; a lot of “cells” that don’t seem to form into anything cohesive–or even remotely similar. Don’t
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