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Nov 4th, 2010 | By | Category: Kymria, Media, Site News, The 'Verse
Shara bren Catri

Shara bren Catri

So… Yesterday I said I have “a lot” of data on the Kymrian universe.

Just to define what “a lot” is:

  • 7 composition notebooks
  • A novel
  • A stack of drawings and sketches about 3″ thick
  • Somewhere around 3 dozen characters (data and sketches)
  • At least a dozen vignettes and story teasers.

I’m still working on how to upload and organize all this information.  Information that’s already in digital format will be uploaded to the site and (for now) linked from a project page.  Images will be placed into a gallery (either NextGen here in the WordPress install, or in a full gallery install (probably Gallery2).

As for all the hand-written stuff (the 7 notebooks), I think I’ll be scanning them and posting the images.  If someone has the time, they can type up the data and submit it to the site for official posting.  Just a warning, though:  Because of the long time over which this has been built–and without any editorial oversight–there’s a bunch of deprecated and contradictory information in those pages.  That will all need to be sorted out and reconciled.  Are you a good typist?  Can you decipher artistic scribbling?  You to can contribute to the Trilobyte Project!  😀

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