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It's all about priorities

While I wish I could  say that I’m one of those writers that can whip out a movie script overnight, I’m not.  I have, however, been working diligently to finish up the script for the pilot episode of Gemini Colony.

Pilot episodes are the hardest; they require a real balancing act.  You need to introduce everybody, but not make it a boring parade of characters.  You need to set in motion a year (or years) worth of  story arcs,  but you still need something exciting to happen *now*.   You need to hint at more to come, but not give away too much.  And, of course, you need to do all of this without any history or canon to lean on.

Right now, there are 2 of us working on the pilot episode of Gemini Colony.  We’ve been working on a 2-season arc (with allowances for a 3rd season), while trying to get the foundation right in the pilot.  It’s slow going.  It doesn’t help that there are all these holidays and stuff getting in the way.

Based on the initial outline we have for the pilot episode, there are only 5 more scenes to write.  Then… it’s time to go back and fill in the stuff we forgot, get rid of the stuff that’s crap, and blend it all into a smooth, interesting story.  Once the holidays are over, we can get back into swing and make it happen.  From there on out, things get easier.

Things are happening.   Slowly, perhaps, but they are happening.

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